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Seeov devotes itself to safety & reliable quality power bank products, with our own ongoing brand, meanwhile, we also provide neutral package products and OEM for customs. Seeov has it’s own private mould power bank and 12 tier chip protection core technology, with stable raw materials supplier channel for 6 years good cooperation, we have the ability to maintain Seeov and our clients ’ long time market competitiveness and profit.......

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  • Seeov company facebook website 06-262018 Seeov company facebook website

    Seeov company facebook website

  • Customer's Feedback 04-252016 Customer's Feedback

    Thank you very much, I just received the merchandise and they re well good quality We are using verity o

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    The international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas

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    In the old days, if you wanted to carry your music out to the backyard, you d unplug your boombox and make sure all 12 of the D-size batteries were loaded up

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    Poor quality hdmi cable, signal attenuation will be more than 10 meters, over 15 meters there will be no signals